Naturalist Trimester

The theme for Naturalist Trimester 2012 is place-based education.  Place-based education, sometimes called pedagogy of place, place-based learning, experiential education, community-based education, education for sustainability, environmental education or more rarely, service learning, is an educational philosophy developed initially by The Orion Society, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization, as well as Professor David Sobel, Project Director at Antioch University New England, though educators have used its principles for decades. The term was coined in the early 1990s by Laurie Lane-Zucker of The Orion Society and Dr. John Elder of Middlebury College.

For the Naturalist students enrolled in the Naturalist Trimester, cultivating a Sense of Place will incorporate all of the above certainly, but even more so, our aim will be to cultivate a Sense of Self alongside of that Sense of Place. The two really do go hand-in-hand with each other; and given that adolescence is really a time for youth to discover their own unique identities, cultivating these two themes into one in-depth, immersive and transformative offering is one of High Mowing School’s further efforts to make learning relative to the needs of today’s youth!

The highlight of our semester is a full immersion experience within the UK walking the River Thames from its source to the sea. We will fully experience how a culture has shaped an environment, as well as how an environment has shaped a culture — a truly unique opportunity. And along the way we learn about ourselves as well.

We are pleased to take you with us via this website and blog as we travel through the UK.